Insecurity: Buhari’s Govt. Cannot Protect Nigerians –Ugwumadu

LAGOS – Malachy Ugwumadu, a human rights lawyer and immediate past national president of the Committee for Defence of Human Rights (CDHR), has decried the rising insecurity in the country and noted that it is clear that President Muhammadu Buhari’s government can’t protect Nigerians. 

Ugwumadu in a chat with Daily Independent reacted to the order of the Federal Government to close unity schools over the fear of bandits, stating that the schools were informed to be taking the steps that they are taking, pointing out that they are being proactive because they will have nowhere to collect N100 million to rescue the students. 

“It is not just the students, they have threatened to also take the president, and they have been making a keen effort. They have not only attacked his advanced team, they have also attacked his Brigade of Guard. If they attack his Brigade of Guard, where is the protection for the president? 

“This government has suffered worst calamity in the sense that it rose to power on the crest of that belief that such a government headed by a former military General will have a better capacity to deal with the issue of insecurity in the country, unfortunately, it is getting worse,” Ugwumadu said. 

He added, ‘Today, these criminals give notices, deadlines and timelines, accurate venues and locations where they would strike, and it will happen, no reprisal or reversal of the trend. 

“They are no longer the militia or hoodlums, or bandits, they now dislodge and attack military installations even in Kaduna State where you have the highest concentration of military formations and operations in the country. 

Ugwumadeu maintained that it is only a question of time before they will begin to show the kind of confidence with which they now challenge the sovereignty of this country. 

“A little more than a fortnight ago, they had the temerity to confront the presidential advance team in Katsina on their way to Daura. They invaded one of the most secured correctional facilities in Kuje. We heard that they were able to attack the Brigade of Guard, the most sophisticated, select, specialized security formation that guides the president and the presidency,” he said. 


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