Wike: I’m in Charge of Rivers, Not Electoral Votes

Governor Nyesom Wike has clarified his statement that alleged he claimed to be in charge of Rivers votes. According to him, he never claimed to be in charge of electoral votes but the administration of Rivers. Wike, reacting to comments after he made the statement on Monday, said some politicians in Rivers misconceived his assertion.

The governor made the observation yesterday at the inauguration of the dualized Ogbunuabali-Eastern Bypass Road performed by the ex-governor of Sokoto, Senator Aliyu Wamakko.

“Because some people went to school late, they don’t understand when somebody says I am in charge of this state. I never said I am in charge of votes in this state. But I know I can talk to my people, and my people will listen to me,” said Wike. “Some people say, I have only one vote, I agree. I can’t vote two times. I will only vote once. But because of the services I have rendered to the people of this state, the state will listen to me.

The governor added that he had remained a consistent politician, not playing a double game.

Wike also decried the dearth of effective political leadership in Nigeria.

“Leadership is not about party. Leadership is about individuals. Party is only a vehicle to actualize your ambition, to be able to tell your people I have this capacity, I have this quality to render services to you. If you take me away today from PDP to another party, I will still perform. So, it is not because I’m in PDP that I’m performing,” explained Wike.

The Rivers governor thanked the people of Ogbunuabali for their cooperation while the project lasted, even if they had initially rejected it.

He lifted the ban on youth activities in the Ogbunuabali community and announced the release of N2 billion he promised the community.

Inaugurating the Ogbunuabali-Eastern Bypass Road, Wamakko stressed Wike’s leadership capacity and commitment to the masses.

Commissioner for Works, Dakorinama George-Kelly, said the Ogbunuabali-Eastern Bypass Road was a single carriageway of 7.3m-wide but rebuilt.

George-Kelly said the 2.19km long road was dualized, has a width of 4.38km on each side of the lane, 650m median on the Ogbunuabali axis, and 1.5m median on the Eastern bypass axis, and 4.38km of drainage length.


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